Lab test results

At Byron Bay Cannabies, we test all of our initial hemp extracts with all available lab tests. (Shown in the list below) This is the core extract that we dilute in a variety of products and ensures the complete safety of our products.

BS NANO ASSORTED FRUIT GUMMIES 25 MG - Batch Number: R20721326 - Date of report: 2021-07-30
BS Nano Assorted Fruit Gummies
MCT MINT 1000 MG - Batch numer: 21004 - Date of report: 2021-03-25 MCT Mint 1000 MG
FS ORANGE 1500 MG - Batch numer: 21056 - Date of report: 2021-05-03 FS ORANGE
OIL NANO BLUEBERRY 2000 MG - Batch numer: 21011 - Date of report: 2021-03-25 BLUEBERRY OIL