CBD Oil Townsville

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In Northeastern Queensland, you'll find the coastal city of Townsville its where the Queensland outback meets the tropics. Visitors and locals alike are offered the opportunity to partake in a diverse variety of activities. One of the more popular ones is exploring the underwater wonder of the Great Barrier Reef which is easily accessible from here.

Townsville features the ever-popular Strand esplanade, a water park, and a pier. The Billabong Sanctuary Wildlife Park, The Reef HQ Aquarium, is also located here. The climate produces plenty of days filled with sunshine which allows you to get out and explore this unique part of the country.

Home to an abundance of rainforests, rivers, waterways, and several postcard-worthy islands are only a stone's throw away. With ample eateries including fine dining, relaxed cafes, and everything between, Townsville is a great place to stay or visit, and it continues to grow every year.