The legal status of CBD is one that informs mixed emotions and sentiments. Although 2020 is now behind us, we still remember the progress and accomplishments that trails the CBD therapeutic world. Now, we are here in 2019 and many people out there are still wondering whether CBD is legal or not.

Alright, if you are one of such persons, know you are not alone, and that is the reason why we choose to put out this article as an attempt to help you understand where in the world CBD is recognized as legal.

But, first, we have to get something straight, and that is the legality difference between hemp and marijuana!

The Legal Status Of Hemp Vs. Marijuana

Before you can talk about CBD status around the world, it is good that you know the difference between marijuana and hemp in terms of the legal recognition they enjoy.

Both Marijuana and hemp are classifications of the various plants making up the cannabis family. Each of these two plants can generate a rich level of CBD.

Since marijuana and hemp are members of the same plant family, both share similar features. However, the two of them are profoundly different at the chemical level because, each boasts different levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the compound that is responsible for making users get “high.”

While hemp typically produces less than 0.3% of THC, which is almost non-existent, marijuana provides a high level of THC—up to 30%. Due to this high THC content, consuming it can lead to mind-altering effects, prompting the Federal Government to declare it as illegal across the United States and in many other countries of the world.

Now that you know the two essential sources of CBD, it is also good you know that the legal status of CBD gotten from hemp is different from the legal status of CBD obtained from marijuana, as much as US laws are concerned.

US Legal Recognition Of CBD Derived From Hemp

For those who are asking, “is CBD oil legal in all 50 states? Well, in a technical sense, we can say yes, and here is the reason.

In 2018, the United States President, Donald Trump, passed into law the Farm Bill, which makes CBD gotten from hemp legal provided it is produced and used within the laid down regulations as defined by the law.

Before now, CBD is classified as a “Schedule I” substance and is therefore illegal to use it. But, with this new law, CBD produced from hemp becomes legal only if it adheres to the following requirements:

  •    Hemp’s THC level must be less than 0.3%
  •    It must comply with the distributed state-federal regulations
  •    Only a recognized and licensed cultivator must cultivate the hemp CBD.

The Farm Bill also removed previous restrictions that inhibit the selling, transportation, and possession of CBD produced out of hemp across state lines, provided they stay within the regulations mentioned above.

You must always remember that the 2018 Farm Bill only legalized CBD produced from hemp, not from marijuana.

US Legal Recognition Of CBD Derived From Marijuana

When it comes to the aspect of CBD gotten from marijuana, the case is somehow complicated seeing that marijuana is a plant that is declared illegal in the US.

In some states like Colorado and California, marijuana is legally recognized for recreational purpose, which equally means CBD produced marijuana is also legal in these two states. Other states allow marijuana-based CBD to be used under strict conditions like for medicinal purposes.

Ten states allow the use of marijuana and hemp for both medicinal and recreational usage; they are:

  •    California,
  •    Colorado,
  •    Maine
  •    Alaska,
  •    Massachusetts,
  •    Nevada,
  •    Washington,
  •    Vermont,
  •    Michigan, and
  •    Oregon.

If by any means you find yourself within the borders of any of these states, you will be completely free to use CBD from Hemp or Marijuana.

And it gets better. As at the first quarter of 2019, 47 states, plus the ones listed above, have legally recognized the use of marijuana-based CBD for medical purposes.

But, if you are still wondering where is CBD legal in the world stage, well; we are ready to take you there.

OILS-Byron Bay Cannabis

CBD Status Around The World

Cannabis essential properties that offer numerous healthcare benefits and dietary supplement has won its legal recognition around the world.

However, this legal recognition varies from country to country in terms of cultivation, distribution, possession, and consumption.

For instance, most countries of the world criminalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Some other countries create a decriminalization policy as a way of making simple possession of cannabis a non-criminal offense. But, in some other countries of the world, particularly in Asia, mere possession of cannabis can land you in prison for some years. It is even worse in some other places like in the Middle East where a very tiny possession can lead to life-threatening consequences, including amputation.      

Notwithstanding, most countries of the world legally accept the usage of CBD produced from hemp. Here are the countries that have officially recognized and legalize the use of both medical cannabis and recreational marijuana:

  •    United States (9 states plus the District of Columbia),
  •    Canada,
  •    Spain,
  •    Uruguay, and
  •    Georgia.

As for the medical use of cannabis—whether from hemp or marijuana—the list is almost endless. The countries are:

  •    Germany (whose legal status is currently under review by the German authorities)
  •    Chile
  •    Canada
  •    Australia
  •    Colombia
  •    Italy
  •    Holland
  •    United Kingdom
  •    Peru
  •    Poland
  •    Israel
  •    Greece

Many other countries of the world have different laws and regulations regarding the use of cannabis.

In Denmark, it is legal to have hemp oil as long as its THC level is less than 0.2%. Sweden, a country known for its restrictive drug laws, didn’t classify CBD as a medicine, though the medical industry there is working towards that. Moreover, EU laws make clear that all CBD products must be less than 0.2 in their THC levels, which means all countries of the EU must have to comply with this, including Sweden as well.

Thus, from the above, you can now offer a better explanation to those that are asking you “is CBD legal around the world.”

A Final thought on CBD global legality

The legal status of CBD is highly subjective and is good that before you consume any of it in any country make sure you double-check on the laws governing CBD in that country. Also, if you are among those asking is CBD legal for pets? Well, that too is equally subjective to the laws of the country you find yourself. So play safe and stay right with the law.

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